Aftosa BLACK Wax Resist

Aftosa BLACK Wax Resist


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Aftosa Wax Resist is used to resist glazes. It should be thinned with water to suit the potter's use. The wax is applied to the base and rims of the pieces before glazing. Allow the wax three to four hours to dry before glazing (some clean up with a sponge may be required) or before adding a second coat. Aftosa Wax Resist is also excellent for use in decorating pottery.

Although Aftosa Wax Resist is tinted green so it is easy to see while you are working with it, the Wax Resist fires clear and the Black Wax Resist leaves a black line after being fired.

The wax has a shelf life of 2-3 years. If used improperly, it can become contaminated. Always keep the lid tight on the original container. Pour a small amount in a separate container, use as desired, and dispose of the excess. Do NOT pour wax back into the original container. If the wax has a strong, sour odor, it has been contaminated.

Clean up is easy with warm, soapy water.

1. Trail or brush Black Wax Resist in desired pattern and allow to dry a minimum of 2 hours.
2. Apply glaze or slip by dipping or brushing.
3. Fire (cone 06-8).
Results may vary - please test first.

Please Note: The Wax will FREEZE in cold climates and will not resist effectively. If the wax has frozen, it will get lumpy and separate. Wax Resist will be sent to cold regions in the winter only at the customer's risk.

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