600 Antique Iron Dry

600 Antique Iron Dry

Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company

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5# bag
Recommended Firing Range:
Cone 4-6
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Opulence Reduction Look
Fired Color:

Join the Facebook group Opulence Glaze Conversations! This group was created and is moderated by Mid-South Ceramic Supply Co. to share the possibilities of glaze combinations with Opulence Glaze. Please share your pieces, pictures, and experiences with the many different Opulence Glazes. You are welcome to include combinations of Opulence with other glazes as well. There is room at the table for us all!

Reduction Look: numbered 600 through 699.

These glazes are Glossy and are formulated to form a gas or wood fired look in a C/6 electric kiln. Reduction Look glazes do flow and break into secondary colors.

Opulence Glazes are thicker than most glazes and are therefore more forgiving before fired. They can be rubbed, sanded and scraped without adverse affects.

In liquid form, Opulence Glazes can be dipped, poured, sprayed or brushed without the addition of deflocculants, binders, etc.

Opulence Glazes are compatible and may be blended by volume or weight to create an infinite variety of colors, shades and effects. Example: equal parts 605 and 600 make a nice flow blue. Of course we recommend testing any combination to assure good results.

By Overlapping any Reduction Look 600 series over any Basic or EnviroColors glaze you can achieve nice flow and movement. We recommend that this overlap not be used too close to the bottom due to this nice flow.

All Opulence Glazes are Lead and Barium Free, Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe.

Although Opulence Glazes were designed for C/6 electric firing, customers have reported successful results in gas or wood kiln as well as at various temperatures and conditions. We do recommend thorough testing under your circumstances to assure good results.

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