Brent Batmobile

Brent Batmobile


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Special order, typically 2-3 months
60.00 LBS
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New and improved design!

Welded support rails offer added strength and stability and side frames include holes to adjust the top two rails for holding larger diameter bats.

This strong steel cart glides on 4" diameter rubber swivel casters and is a great place to store your unused bats. Once in place the casters can be locked to prevent rolling. It holds up to (90) 14" bats, with adjustable shelves for almost any size bat and a top shelf that can be used on a ware cart. And to keep them securely in place, the Batmobile includes the brent® BatBrace. Acting like a "bookend", the BatBrace keeps up to 50 12" or 14" Plasti-bats from sliding. BatBrace also sold individually if more than one is desired.

Bats (shown in photo) not included in price. The frame is powder coated for greater durability and improved scratch and corrosion resistance. Assembled dimensions: 47 3/4" wide, 36" high, 14 1/2" deep.


Warranty Terms

brent® potter’s wheels and all AMACO® kilns are covered by warranties limited to defects in materials and workmanship during the manufacturing process for the time period listed above. Components we purchase for equipment are covered only by those manufacturers’ warranties.

  1. Ultimate determination of validity of all warranty claims is at the discretion of AMACO/brent.
  2. All warranty work must be done by an authorized dealer or by the manufacturer. Any work done outside of an authorized dealer or the manufacturer will void this warranty.
  3. Warranty is non-transferable and must accompany original purchase receipt.
  4. The length of your warranty begins from the date of purchase and is as listed above.


Warranty Exclusions

Your AMACO/brent Warranty will be void if any of the following occur:

  1. The warranty period has expired.
  2. Repair or service is done by an unauthorized dealer.
  3. Damage due to abuse and/or misuse; including but not limited to overfiring and salt glazing, improper installation, rough handling, improper stacking or storing.
  4. Shipping damage.
  5. Damage or failure due to acts of God such as, fire, flood, electrical storms, etc.
  6. Use other than for intended.
  7. Normal wear and tear on parts such as elements, bricks, thermocouples, wheel heads, and belts.
  8. Modifications to the unit in any manner.


Warranty Repair Instructions

If you experience a problem with your equipment, the most efficient way to have it repaired is to:

  1. Contact the dealer or representative from whom you made your purchase.
  2. If the dealer is unauthorized to perform repair or unable to correct the problem:
    1. Call the AMACO/brent Technical Support Department toll free at 1-800-374-1600 or 317-244-6871 (local).
    2. Click here to email the AMACO/brent Technical Support Department.
  3. Provide your model, serial number and the nature of your problem and the Technical Support Agent will provide further assistance.

If it is necessary to mail or ship parts to AMACO/brent for further inspection, parts must be sent prepaid. For your protection, insure all parts. The equipment and part serial number must accompany the defective item.

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