Cone Art 2818D

Cone Art 2818D

Cone Art Kilns by Tucker's

MSRP $5,650.00 - $6,005.00
Price: $5,085.00 - $5,404.50
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290.00 LBS
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28" (12 sided)
Kiln Depth:
Kiln Classification:
The Tuckers Cone Art Kilns Model BX2818D is a perfect choice for firing wide objects such as platters yet the low profile makes it easy to load and unload.

It is a double insulated kiln with 2.5" of premium firebrick plus 1" of solid block insulation. This extra insulation provides a cooler safer jacket and will save approximately 30% in energy costs.

All of our kilns have heavy-duty Kanthal A-1 Elements and the BX2818D also has a floor element for more even firings.

The Bartlett electronic controller comes with 2-zone control at NO EXTRA CHARGE and is mounted on an angled, easy view panel.

The Tuckers Cone Art BX2818D also comes with our NEW Lid Lifter at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Lift the Lid with one finger!

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