Firing Service

Firing Service

Bracker's Good Earth Clays

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$15 minimum firing fee:
Remainder due upon check-in
Bisque Firing: (04):
Low Fire Glaze Firing: (05):
Mid Fire Glaze Firing: (5):

Handling/kiln loading fee: 30¢/item for bisque, 40¢/item for glaze
Stilt fees: 25¢/stilt used

NOTE: There is a minimum firing fee of $1.50 per item and a $15 minimum firing fee per customer. You will be charged for actual costs, less the $15 minimum firing fee, when you check in your pieces for firing.

Pieces are generally fired within 2 to 4 weeks. You will receive automatic email updates of the progress of your piece throughout its visit to Brackers. Once you get that final email letting you know your piece is cooled and ready, plan to pick up you work promptly as our space is limited (despite the fact that our warehouse looks enormous).

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