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Giffin Lidmaster

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Take the guesswork out of sizing lids for your pots. One tool is all you need. Simply insert the narrow end of Lid Master into the pot, and the wide end automatically becomes a sizing guide. Use it to create lids that actually fit quickly and efficiently every time! The Standard size has an 11" capacity.
Giffin Lid Master diagram

Reassemble the wing nut and screw into the 12½% hole. Now you can throw a new lid for an already-fired pot without guessing the size. A typical clay shrinks about 12½% from wet to the fired state. Measure fired pot with the inside end of the Lid Master. Tighten the wing nut to lock in the measurement. Now throw a new lid using the outside end for your measurement. It will shrink to fit once it's dried and fired.

Bracker's Suggestion: Don't throw away the packaging card that comes with the Giffin Lid Master. Not only help it help you remember how to use the Lid Master, it will also remind you how the washers go back onto the Lid Master when you switch between the standard 1:1 hole to the 12½% shrinkage hole.

Giffin Lid Master with info card

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