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Misc Brushes

  • AMACO Fitch Fan

    AMACO Fitch Fan

    This is the fan brush that is used in almost every AMACO glaze application video created in the last few years. These brushes have a flat ferrule and spread hairs which are made from very soft hair making them perfect for the application of glazes and...

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  • Hovey Brushes Hovey Brushes

    Hovey Brushes

    These brushes are all handmade from bamboo and deertail which is a soft, pliable hair, slightly wavy in texture. It produces a brush tip that has a lot of ‘air’, i.e., it will hold a great deal of material. This makes it great for potters...

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  • Multi-Stem Hake Brush

    Multi-Stem Hake Brush

    Whether you think it's pronounced like it rhymes with cake or you think it's pronounced like the ice skating sport hockey, these make awesome and affordable brushes. The stems are joined together with two bamboo rods so you can break them into narrower...

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