GR Tool Kit

0.80 LBS

Product Overview

The Tool Kit includes 1 each of these 4 VERY useful tools when working with GR Pottery Forms

  • Sue Tool
    • The Sue Tool is a Compass turned into a measuring device, to score a line to develop a consistent lip outside of the body of the form.  Works well with WA system and Oval shapes. Watch the video below to see a potter using the Sue Tool!
  • Modeling Tool
    • Kemper wood Clay Modeling tool. JA 20 Great for cleaning and joining a clay foot.
  • Notched Rib 
    • This is a Mud Tools rib cut in half to use the center hole as an edge rounding/burnishing function. Haven't found a rounding tool that can last longer than the material that the Mud Tool ribs provide. Also works well to clean and detail unwanted clay from slab surfaces, especially corners.
  • Foot Maker
    • The Foot Maker is used to cut beveled stripes of clay to easily provide equal sized edges to efficiently construct a foot. Watch the video below for more info on using the Foot Maker


Product Videos