HELP ME! (website issues)

If you are trying to shop on our website and hitting a stumbling block, please see notes below of some previously reported struggles and their solutions.  If this doesn't help you, please send us an email with a description of your problem, (a screenshot, if possible is very helpful) and what browser you are using (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Exploder or something else). Please do not call as our retail sales associates are not computer techs or trained to troubleshoot web errors.  You will probably just both be frustrated....)


Q.  I am trying to order (X) boxes of clay, but it keeps splitting it up into two lines and I can't change one of them at all

A. A recent upgrade to the platform we use will do this automatically when you reach the top end of the quantity discount for clay.  This will make sure that you do get the maximum discount on all boxes ordered.  One of the two lines will still be adjustable so if you need to add or remove, just do so on the changeable line.  If you have multiple clays in your cart, you may see the unchangeable lines switch to a different clay.  It looks a little weird, but so far, it always works out correctly.  Once we pull your order from the website, we do verify the discounts were applied correctly BEFORE your final payment is captured.  


Q.  I see your address in the shipping fields at check out and I'm trying to double click it to select it so I can change it to my own address, but it won't delete.

A. Just type directly over it.....  it's a ghost image that displays as a prompt for people that are wanting to pick up in our store, so that they don't have to look it up.  just start typing your address directly in the field and our address that you see there will disappear.  There's nothing to select.  (It tripped me up the first time too.....)


Q.  I can't see any shipping amounts showing up

A. We recently discovered a rare glitch that affects a tiny number of products/orders.  Most of our stuff is heavy, but some things (like brushes or those little finalize caps for stroke & Coats) are so light that they don't have a weight associated with them on our website.  If you happen to order ONLY items with zero weight, the new software we upgraded to recently will NOT calculate a rate (our old version automatically converted a zero weight to a pound). We're working on finding all of these and putting in a small weight number in that field, but if you happen to experience this, let us know what item you are trying to order and we can fix it lickety split!  


Q.  My payment isn't going through, but my card is working fine elsewhere

A. Make sure you entered YOUR BILLING address in the billing section.  it comes up AFTER the shipping address, and often times that gets missed, especially when you are putting in our address for store pickup or a shipping address that is different from the address your credit card has on file for you.  Your billing address on our website has to match exactly with your card and you also need the 3 digit code on the back.   We're strict with our credit card practices for your protection!