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The Hydro-Bat is made of Hydro-Stone, a USG product containing cement and crystalline silica, that is 8 to 10 times stronger then pottery plaster. The surface is scratch resistant yet absorbs water like plaster eliminating the need to cut your pieces off the bat with a wire. 

The Hydro-Bat was designed to fit on wheel heads that have bat pins spaced 10 inches apart on center. The hard rubber grommets cast into the underside of each Hydro-Bat will not swell or change shape and are sized to fit over a 3/8" diameter bat pin head.

Due to their smaller diameter, the grommets under the 8.5 and 10" Hydro-Bat's are spaced 6" apart and require the HBA Adapter to convert standard 10 inch pins to 6 inches. This adapter is made of sturdy polyethelene plastic and fits snuggly over the 10" bat pins on your wheel head. It has two upfacing 3/8" diameter bat pins fused in at 6” apart. The 8.5" & 10" Hydro-Bats fit onto these pins.

If you have a wheel head with pins positioned at 9" apart we make Adapter HB9A which will allow you to use our bats. If you don't have bat pins in your wheel, no problem, our product works great with a bat gripper or grabber which allows you to attach any kind of bat to a wheel head. Custom adapters can be made for any size wheel head or pin configuration.
The smaller Hydro-Bats (8.5” and 10” diameter) are perfect for maximizing your space when you throw smaller forms, such as bowls or mugs; because the grommets on these bats is just 6” apart, there's an adapter to make sure that they will fit onto any wheel. The smallest Hydro-Bat measures just 6” in diameter, and requires the HB6A adapter, with grommets spaced 4’ apart. All of the adapters are made of sturdy polyethylene plastic, and will become a studio staple for you along with your Hydro-Bats! If you have a pottery wheel with no drilled bat pin holes, no problem! Many customers have used  Hydro-Bats with a bat gripper with great success.
**this item includes a $2 per Hydrobat surcharge for deliveries and shipments via UPS/USPS or freight companies to cover the extra packing material necessary for them to get to you safely. The surcharge is added to the shipping costs. 

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