Birch Bark

Birch Bark

Kansas Clays, LLC

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Cone 06-02
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White, Low Fire, Talc-Free Sculpture clay body.  

We developed this body as a replacement for our Earthenware White Plus. We also recommend this as an alternative to the Flint Hills Raku clay (when used for sculpture or handbuilding purposes). It contains both fine grog and sand, so it's ideal for handbuilding, but can be thrown also.  It's just a tad off-white in color at 04.   
For best glaze results and a whiter color, bisque fire a bit hotter, to Cone 01. The body is still porous enough to accept low-fire glazes and the increase in bisque temperature will not be noticeable in energy costs or element life.

Flint Hills clays have been evaluated by a nationally certified toxicologist, and have been found to be in compliance with ASTM C-1023 and D-4236, and to not contain any material in sufficient quantity to be toxic or to constitute a chronic health hazard when used responsibly.

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