KT 1-4 Ball Clay

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Product Overview

A coarse-grained, fast casting Ball Clay used in all types of casting applications, but primarily used in artware. It is a blend containing mostly SGP#1 and some OM#4. It is blended to specification (thus the blend is adjusted as the constituents vary to maintain physical properties). KT1-4 is slightly less plastic than CDI blend, but more plastic and thus less sensitive to deflocculants than SGP. - Digital Fire ceramic materials database
Ball Clays are a secondary, transported (sedimentary) clay which are very plastic and fire to a pale color... They have a high shrinkage rate and are difficult to handle on their own due to a very fine particle size.... - p. 14, Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery, 3rdEd. by Robert Fournier
50# bag; brown bag, black text KT #1-4 printed on side