L&L Easy-Fire Kiln (configure your own!)

L&L Easy-Fire Kiln (configure your own!)

L&L Kiln Mfg.

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As of 2/1/23 all L&L kilns feature the Genesis touchscreen controller STANDARD

L&L Kilns are Built to Last

L&L kilns are the most "industrialized" kilns in the "hobby-kiln" class. They last for decades. Take a look at some of our top-rated features like hard ceramic element holders, ceramic protection tubes, super-strong stands, spring hinge systems, arched roofs in front-loading kilns and on and on. L&L backs this up with a three-year limited warranty and, for the School-Master K12 kilns, a five-year limited warranty.


Everything in an L&L kiln is logical. L&L thinks ahead and try to anticipate the problems you will encounter. That has been our tradition since L&L was started.


L&L engineers serviceability into every kiln. Control panels are easy to open and service. The unique hard ceramic element holders and ceramic terminal boards make changing elements something that anyone can do.


Take a look at the extensive help available on the L&L web site. Look at some videos and a few Knowledgebase articles. They are invested in service.

Get what is right for you

L&L offers many different types of kilns and options so you can get exactly the right kiln for you.

Higher value means lower cost

L&L charges a little more because of all we put into our kilns. For that you will get a kiln that will last substantially longer and does the job you bought it to do. It's about value.

Kiln Facts: Why choose an L&L Kiln?

Top Features of L&L Kilns
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elementholder.jpgHard Ceramic Element Holders Make L&L Kilns More Durable
Durability, Repairability, Better Heat Transfer. The smooth, hard surface of the inside ceramic channel allows the elements to expand and contract freely. No pins! The dense ceramic holders extend element life because they do not insulate the hot elements from the kiln interior.
Thermocouple Protection Tubes Mullite protection tubes extend thermocouple life and keep kiln clean. The mullite protection tube keeps the metal oxides of the thermocouple tip from dropping off and contaminating your work.
llkilnstand.jpgSolid Super-Strong 14 Gauge Aluminized Steel Stand Aluminized stands are extremely strong and corrosion resistant. The offer solid support under the kiln - unlike spot-welded angle stands that are common in the industry.
features-coating-100.jpgProprietary Reflective Coating Hardens & Seals Brick Special brick coating hardens and seals brick for durability and cleaner operation.


feature-three-cones-100.jpgAutomatic Zone Control
Zone control gives you the utmost in controllable temperature uniformity. The DynaTrol separately measures temperatures in the bottom, middle and top of the kiln and automatically adjusts the heat output of three zones during the entire firing.
feature-dynatrol-100-0.jpgDynaTrol Multi-Program Zone Control DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs (Slow Bisque, Fast Bisque, Slow Glaze, Fast Glaze), 6 custom programs, PreHeat, Delay, Program, Segment Review, and Diagnostics. Zone control included on most kilns.

Ease of Use

features-spring-hinge-side-100-0.jpg"Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge Feather-light spring hinge allows full access without a side support bar - for easy loading. Standard on all 10 and 10 sided polygonal kilns.
features-peephole-100.jpgSolid Wide-View Peephole Plugs Solid large non-tapered peepholes allow a wider view into the kiln.


Standard Three-Year Limited Warranty Most L&L Kilns have a three-year limited warranty.

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