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Popular Customer Handouts

All of these documents are provided in grayscale/black and white format PDF for easy printing and can be shared with proper attribution (Bracker's Good Earth Clays unless otherwise noted) 

2 Page Moist Clay Menu - a list of the popular clay bodies we typically stock.

Firing instructions for a manual kiln without a downdraft vent Look at this sheet if you have a manual kiln with Low-Med-High-Off 4 position switch or Infinite (1 through 10 and off) switches and do NOT have a vent that pulls fumes from the bottom of your kiln.

Firing instructions for a manual kiln with a downdraft vent Look at this sheet if you have a manual kiln with Low-Med-High-Off 4 position switch or Infinite (1 through 10 and off) switches and have a downdraft vent - one that pulls fumes from the bottom of your kiln.

Basic Kiln Maintenance Tips (non brand-specific) General tips on how to keep your kiln in good shape and working well over it's lifetime

Firing Log A one-page chart to keep track of various information about each firing.

Glaze Defects An appendix reprinted with permission from The Potter’s Complete Book Of Clay And Glazes by James Chappell - a great book full of clay and glaze recipes. However, not everyone wants to mix their own clay or glazes. But his appendix covers glaze defects regardless of if you mix your own glazes or use commercial glazes. 

Mason Stain Basic Info Basic info on the versatility of Mason Stains and how to start using them. Each Mason Stain has a series of reference numbers that relate to certain conditions appropriate for that glaze. This sheet also shows what those reference numbers mean. 

Plaster Mixing Info Plaster to water ratios, helpful mixing tips, and a good old fashioned mix-it-by-feel method.

Density/Specific Gravity Yes, you can use a hydrometer to determine the density of a slip or glaze, but if you don't mind a wee bit of math, this is the way to calculate it. 

Gleco Trap - Common causes of leaks The vast majority of leaks from your Gleco Trap are both avoidable and fixable. This is a list of the common causes of leaks and how to fix them from the manufacturer, Liquid Assets.

Egyptian Paste Rebecca Koop did a hands-on Egyptian Paste demo for us a few years ago and generously shared her recipe, colorant formulas, and several tips and hints. This 1-page PDF includes all of that helpful information so you can try out Egyptian Paste for yourself.

Underglaze/Overglaze Decal Instructions-  Elan transfer's tips and tricks guide for underglaze and overglaze decals

School teachers or secretaries placing your first order

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