Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Minimum Purchase:
50 units
Please ask us:
if you need less than 50 pounds

Product Overview

ALBACAR® 5970 precipitated calcium carbonate (pcc) has a unique rosette (scalenohedral) particle shape. This rosette structure makes ALBACAR® 5970 pcc useful in applications where a high oil absorption and high viscosity are desired.

We started stocking this material for a specific customer who was having problems with his glaze and switching from regular calcium carbonate (whiting) to the precipitated calcium carbonate solved his problem. The Digital Fire Ceramic Materials Database has a lot of information on calcium carbonate - if you think your glaze has defects due to the calcium carbonate and you've tried replacing it with alternative no-LOI sources of CaO (like wollastonite or frits) then you might try substituting precipitated calcium carbonate.