Pyrate Freckle

Pyrate Freckle

Kansas Clays, LLC

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Creamy semi-porcelanious clay body with black flecks throughout, Similar to speckled bmix in appearance and workability.  

Background of this clay body: 

During the fall of 2021, we were working on some new clay bodies to share for our annual New Year's Clay. 

You may or may not be aware that September 18th is talk like a pirate day.  Somehow that ended up being the inspiration for the name of one of the bodies we were developing.  It's now ready for release and we are proud to share our new Pyrate Freckle clay body with you.

The name also references the greek origin for the lovely little flecks that provide the freckle: IRON.  

Our initial release of this is a limited run, and we make no guarantees that these Pyrates won't walk the plank or end up hanging from the Gallows, or just sail away to an island in the Carribbean to drink rum.  (Read here: there may be some supply chain issues that delay further production)

UPDATE: Lucky for you, me hearties, this clay is sticking around for a while and is now available in full fifty pound boxes! 



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