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Redart is a red firing earthenware of moderate plasticity and low shrinkage. It fires light orange to dark red depending on firing temperature from cone 06 to 3. It achieves its best color at cone 02 and gives deep red color and stoneware properties at cone 1. It is airfloated to 200 mesh and is very clean and has a long firing range. This is a very popular ingredient in clay bodies made across North America and it has been available for many years.

This material is quite high in iron thus the powder is a deep red color and quite messy to work with.

While redart can be used as a source of iron in high temperature bodies, it will produce brown rather than red coloration. This is because the fluxes are intimately mixed with the iron and fuse it to a darker color. To get red at higher temperatures you must use refractory clays with iron or iron bearing fireclays.
- Digital Fire ceramic materials database

For excellent, step-by-step instructions on how to use Redart to make seed balls for your butterfly garden, check out this incredibly useful site: Lepitoptera Buffet - Make Seed Balls for Your Butterfly Garden
50# bag; red bag, yellow text Redart with green tree