ROUND High Alumina 26 Full Shelf - 3/4 Thick

ROUND High Alumina 26 Full Shelf - 3/4 Thick

Spectrum Glazes Inc

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A 26" round shelf designed for top-loading round kilns. Measures approximately 3/4" thick. 

Pressed High Alumina kiln shelves are ideal for fast and high firings and exhibit exceptional durability to cone 11. Comparable to silicon carbide in strength but at a fraction of the cost. Pressed production of these shelves creates an extremely dense and strong shelf that resists warping. Offers extra protection against thermal shock due to rapid firing and cooling. The alumina content of these shelves is 11-12% higher than the cordierite shelves most commonly used by potters today. Great to use in Gas kilns. Not recommended for salt and wood firing. Also high alumina and corderite shelves are not recommended for raku firings due to extreme and uneven temperature.

Please note: there is no warranty on refractories! There are many factors that can cause shelves to fail over which we have no control. It is the nature of the material. Other than shipping damages, no claims can be made on refractories.

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