Skutt 1027

Skutt 1027


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23" (10 sided)
Kiln Depth:
Kiln Classification:

About the choices you'll need to make:

Voltage & Phase Electrical specifications should be verified at the electrical box closest to where you'll locate the kiln.
Firebrick Thickness

The cost difference between 2½" and 3" Firebrick is minimal (usually $100-ish or less). 3" Firebrick slows down the cooling and improves heat retention during firing, but you'll lose a little space in the chamber. 1/2" doesn't seem like much until you realize that actually means the chamber is a full inch narrower than the 2½" Firebrick version.

Controller The standard electronic/digital Kiln Master controller (identified as KM series kilns) is now a standard of the industry. If you're an old-school firing style potter and really want a kiln sitter version kiln, they are still available and we can certainly order one for you - just contact us personally. The newer touchscreen version of the digital controller (identified as KMT series kilns) is about $300 more that the KM controller and is perfect for people comfortable with smartphone apps.
Vent A downdraft vent (around $550-ish), jointly patented by Skutt and Orton, removes harmful fumes directly from your kiln. It also improves firing quality. If you don't have a vent on your kiln, you'll have to babysit your kiln. When you start up your kiln, you'll want your lid propped open an inch or so (we've used a spare kiln post laying down across the opening) and your peep hole plugs out. Then around 1000°F or so, you'll close the lid and plug the peep holes. If you have a vent, you'll close the kiln lid once you've finished loading it and put the peep hole plugs in and it stays that way through the entire firing. The VentLink (a little more than $100) lets your controller take control of turning the vent on and shutting it off at the appropriate for your firing. VentLink is available for either the KM or KMT kilns. A dual intake kit would be appropriate for anyone who wants to use 1 vent for 2 kilns. It's also available separately if you need some different configuration.
Rolling Stand For the vast majority of sitatuations, the stand that comes with the kiln is perfectly fine. However, if you have a smaller studio or something, a rolling stand would help you move the kiln 18" away from walls when firing and tuck it back closer to the wall when you aren't firing. If you want to use a downdraft vent with your rolling stand, make sure you select the rolling stand WITH vent adapter option. It only adds about $30, but it's a critical addition to your rolling stand.
Furniture Kit Bracker's has put together a furniture kit based on the needs we've seen for our customers over nearly 4 decades. It's perhaps more than you'll use all at once in one firing, but it permits you to leave a full kiln shelf on the bottom (supported by 1" posts) and then 4 half shelves to use staggered or arranged side by side into 2 more layers. We've also included a lot of posts to allow the flexibility to fire any size piece your kiln permits: 10 - 1" posts, 6 - 2" posts, 12 - 4" posts, 12 - 6" posts, and 12 - 8" posts. Finally, the Bracker's furniture kiln includes a pair of leather welders' gloves and more than enough kiln wash for 3 individually-fired-on coats, plus extra to keep on hand to fill in bare spots when you remove glaze drips in the future.

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