Summer Succulents

Summer Succulents

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You don't have to know any math to put together a handbuilt geometric planter.  The MKM disk in this kit will do all of your calculations for you, and the Dirty Girls Slab Bevel tool will make sure your angles fit together nicely.  This kit includes both, plus our Bracker's Lil Chizler rib with its multiple angles and surfaces shaping and smoothing, and a handful of our little freebie tools which are great for cutting and scoring your slabs.   Start by making a simple triangular prism planter, and then try your hand at some poly-hedrons! 

Kit contains:

Set of 2 MKM Decorating Disks

Dirty Girls Slab Bevel Tools

Bracker's Lil Chizler

1/2 bag of Buff Plus Clay 

Your choice of summer themed underglaze transfer 

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