Return of Raku?

Return of Raku?

Posted by Cindy on Jan 25th 2024

You've asked, and we've heard you ...."When are you going to do a Raku Firing again?" We get this question at least once a week, and since the pandemic, it's been a hard question to give any answer to, but...

It seems now that we can finally say SOON!!!  But things have changed SO much since the last time we did a Raku Day, we feel like we need to explore some different ideas we've had about how to bring it back, and we'd like your input! 

Are you interested in learning how to fire the Bracker Raku Kiln?  

Would you like a limited participation workshop to learn more about the Raku process? 

Would you mind taking our little survey so we can gauge everyone's interest and start making a plan? 

Sure! Take me to the survey!