PC-41 Verte Lustre

PC-41 Verte Lustre

AMACO Glazes

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2.00 LBS
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Pint jar
Recommended Firing Range:
Cone 4-6
typically stocked
Potter’s Choice
Fired Color:

Vert Lustre is a beautiful flowing green glaze with a metallic sheen like that of ancient Persian Lusterware. This glaze reacts well to texture and has great effects when layered with other Potter's Choice glazes.

These glazes need a certain thickness to float materials to the top surface of the glaze. This creates interest where the glaze pools in texture or drips. (If the glaze is applied too thinly, the glaze will not be able to float. The end result will be flat and probably an incorrect color.) The tiles show the float developing as the glaze is applied more heavily. Float makes these glazes perfect for layering. A rich copper green that exhibits subtle float and a very lustrous glow. A slight hint of metallic float makes Vert Lustre have a stunning reflectance. This glaze is beautiful in combination with TH-1 High Fire Texturizer.

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