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X-BOARD - Foldable and Portable!

Let X-Board™ do the dirty work so you can enjoy the fun! X-Board is a fantastic alternative to a plaster-wedging table.


After opening Xiem Clay Center, our plaster wedging tables broke within two years. It was expensive to buy a new one and time-consuming to make. I designed a dozen portable wedging boards and working boards for our students and members. They work great and are very convenient!

The X-Board features a galvanized steel handle for easy portability, a durable, non-skid rubber base, and a canvas surface perfect for wedging and working with clay anywhere you want to take it. I guarantee you will love yours!

Available in 4 different sizes:

  • 18" X 24" - Small
  • 24" X 24" - Medium
  • 24" X 32" - Large
  • 36" X 24" - Foldable Deluxe

X-Board is a trademark of Xiem Tools USA, LLC.

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