XLarge Ultimate Edger

XLarge Ultimate Edger

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Frequently referred to as "The Ninja Tool" by potters in the Kansas City Metro clay community, thanks to people taking classes at the KC Clay Guild. We don't know exactly who originally coined the term, but I remember a customer who stopped by several years ago, looking for "The Ninja Tool." None of us knew what the customer was talking about, so the customer described it: metal, hills and valleys on the edges, looks like a fancy version of a throwing star…. After that description, we knew the nickname would stick forever!

Introduced at NCECA in 2004, the Ultimate Edger is a versatile and unique tool for both throwing and handbuilding.

Built of 20 gauge stainless steel and produced right here in the USA, this tool will last you a very long time.

The Ultimate Edger comes in two sizes, Small and XL. Both tools are the exact same except for the fact that one is simply larger than the other for use on different sized projects.



The tool has six perfectly placed edges, with a total of five completely different designs for versatility.

A – Creates double edge on bottom of pot.

B/D – Used to round out square edge on lip of pot.

C – Used to create raised design on lids and pots.

E – Creates single edge on bottom of pot.

F – Can be used to create a round edge on a large pot.


Ultimate Edger: 4.25″ × 2″

Ultimate Edger XL: 5.25″ × 2.375″

Image shows both the Ultimate Edger and the Large Ultimate Edger. T A good rule of thumb is if you make casserole-sized items, or pots from 10-15# of clay, the Ultimate Edger would be appropriate for your needs. If you make larger items or prefer to make items with thicker walls and lips, then the Large Ultimate Edger would be more suited to your needs.

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