Frit 284M

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Product Overview

Barium Frit 

BaO 27.40% 0.668
Na2O 5.50% 0.332
Al2O3 15.40% 0.198
B2O3 12.40% 0.666
SiO2 47.50% 2.955
1.80% 0.055

Oxide Weight 373.91
Formula Weight 373.91

Frit Softening Point = 1500°F

In 2014, this is the only barium frit that Ferro is selling.
Useful in barium matte floor tile glazes, partially fritted satin matte glazes.
Barium source for bright colors cone 05-03.
This is a replacement for Frit 3289, it has 1.8% ZrO2 in place of that much silica. 
Also a substitute for Pemco Frit P626 which is a low fire high-barium leadless borosilicate

Information from the Digitalfire Ceramic Materials Database