Frit 3124

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Product Overview

Leadless high calcium borosilicate frit

CaO 14.20% 0.71
K2O 0.70% 0.021
Na2O 6.30% 0.29
Al2O3 9.90% 0.27
B2O3 13.80% 0.56
SiO2 55.20% 2.59

Co-efficient of Linear Expansion = 7.90
Melting Range = 1000-1020°C
Cone Range: 3 - 5

This borosilicate frit is high in calcium which means it will affect browns and iron oxide colors. This frit has a chemistry similar to an alumina addition to Frit 3134. It is intended for use in partially fritted glazes for wall tile and pottery, in lead bisilicate dinnerware glazes in the cone 3-5 range.

Information from the Digitalfire Ceramic Materials Database