Frit 3269

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Product Overview

Leadless Sodium Boron Frit

CaO 0.10% .006
K2O 8.10% 0.31
Na2O 11.10% 0.64
F 1.00% 0.30
Al2O3 13.20% 0.46
B2O3 15.20% 0.78
SiO2 49.70% 2.96

Co-efficient of Linear Expansion = 10,8
Melting Range = 1400°F
Cone Range: 06-01

Useful for partially fritted gloss tile glazes for cone 06-01. Balanced enough for use alone.
Moderately high expansion makes it suitable as a crackle glaze (with an addition of 10% kaolin).


Information from the Digitalfire Ceramic Materials Database