Fusion Frit F69

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Product Overview

Low expansion magnesium frit (equivalent to Ferro 3249, Pemco P1409, General GF144)

MgO 12.80% 1.000
Al2O3 12.50% 0.386
B2O3 30.20% 1.366
SiO2 44.50% 2.331

Oxide Weight = 314.84
Formula Weight = 314.84
Co-efficient of Linear Expansion = 3.96 x 10-6
Frit Softening Point = 1700°F

This is a very low expansion frit (since it contains no Na2O or K2O). Use this as a base to make low expansion glazes. However a source of CaO and possibly other fluxes may be needed to melt properly. This is often added to low and medium fire glazes to solve crazing problems.

This analysis was confirmed with Fusion Sept 2013.

Information from the Digitalfire Ceramic Materials Database