L&L Type-K 8 Gauge Thermocouple

L&L Type-K 8 Gauge Thermocouple

L&L Kiln Mfg.

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Type-K 8 Gauge Thermocouple (Exposed) with Ceramic Terminal Block - Ceramic tube is 4" Long x 1/2" Diameter.

This is the standard thermocouple used in the Easy-Fire, School-Master, Jupiter, DaVinci, Fuego, Doll/Test and Liberty-Belle kilns. It is normally supplied in the kiln with a thermocouple protection tube (although the protection tubes rarely need to be replaced. We strongly suggest that, when changing the thermocouple, you remove the protection tube and empty any metallic oxides that may have fallen off as the thermocouple aged. That material can touch the new thermocouple and make for uneven temperature readings inside the kiln.

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