Craneyard's Closure and what we can do to continue to support Clay in Kansas City

Craneyard's Closure and what we can do to continue to support Clay in Kansas City

Posted by Cindy Bracker on Feb 9th 2024

Don't worry Kansas City, we've got you.  

If you've never shopped at Bracker's before, welcome!  We probably have most of the products you are familiar with that you used to get from Craneyard.  You can search our website for those products by name, or use our menu to browse by category.  Filters for each category will appear on the left and you can drill down to find products that suit your needs.  Can't find what you are looking for?  Send an email to or use our contact form (available from the menu icon or click the "get in touch" button from any page) and we'll respond quickly.  You can also call us 785-841-4750 or toll-free 888-822-1982, (but please understand that right now, our phones and staff are a bit overwhelmed with incoming calls)

You might also like to read some general information about what to expect when you place an order here:

We deliver into Kansas City regularly, often we are there 2-3 times a week in various parts of the city.  We offer a somewhat unique low-cost delivery option of "pickup at a nearby delivery stop"  if you need less than about 500# of clay, you can meet our truck at a school or arts center near where you live or work and pick up your order.  Delivery charge for this is 3¢/# plus $15.  (our website will calculate this for you).  Once you place your order, we'll look at it and compare your address to our upcoming deliveries and then give you options for locations dates and approximate times. 

If you have more than 500#, you probably would rather have us deliver directly to you, which we can do!  We are getting quite an influx of requests right now as Craneyard is sorting out what orders they can and can't fill, so please be a little patient with us as we organize this fresh batch of incoming order and group them into regions of KC that make sense to deliver together.  

A bit more information about our deliveries can be found here:

If you have the time, the drive to Lawrence isn't that bad, and we are right off of I-70. For decades we have had people that drive over and spend the day here in Lawrence, either starting or ending with a clay shopping trip.  We have a well-stocked retail space and friendly and knowledgable sales staff (please note we all have different areas of expertise.  If you have specific technical questions, you might want to check in advance to make sure the right person will be available to help you before coming over).  We're currently open 10-3:30 Monday through Saturday.  (We're actually here earlier and later than that but we used those hours to ensure that the customers we deliver and ship to also get excellent service, but if you need to come earlier or later than that, we can often accommodate that if we know to expect you)  

We are looking into some partnerships that will enable us to serve all of Kansas City better as well, stay tuned for more information about that.  

Once again, welcome to our clay family.  This business was started by my parents and I try very hard to run it in accordance with the very high standards that they set.  We love to have fun, but we take this job seriously because your work, whether it's your livelihood or your passion (or both), is important and valuable.

Cindy Bracker

President of Bracker's Good Earth Clays