Frit 3110

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Product Overview

High alkali, low alumina and boron leadless high expansion frit.

CaO 6.30% 0.29
K2O 2.30% 0.06
Na2O 15.30% 0.64
Al2O3 3.70% 0.10
B2O3 2.60% 0.10
SiO2 69.80% 3.03

Co-efficient of Linear Expansion = 10.10
Melting Range = 920-950°C
Cone Range: 08-8

Soft sodium borosilicate frit for glazes. Often used in crystal glazes.

This frit can be very useful to reduce the feldspar content in glazes (since many high feldspar glazes have low clay content and therefore poor slurry suspension properties and dried hardness). The chemistry of this frit is similar to a feldspar (but with low alumina and CaO in addition to the alkali fluxes). That means if you can substitute this for at least part of the feldspar you can increase the kaolin (to supply the alumina) and thereby improve slurry properties. In addition you will be able to reduce the amount of troublesome calcium carbonate. Of course, you need to use ceramic chemistry to calculate how to do this, the INSIGHT software manual has chapters in the lessons section on how to do this.

It can be used with 3403 for bright and semi-matte wall tile glazes. Can be used as a body flux.

Information from the Digitalfire Ceramic Materials Database